After graduating with a degree in video production, I felt inspired to find my own niche that would shine a light on what I do best. I've always been fascinated with the combination of beautiful imagery and sounds and with that in mind, I took a leap into the wedding industry. From my first wedding in 2011, to the present moment, I've worked hard to develop a unique wedding video style. I want to crush the boring stigma that's often attached to wedding videos. I'm not simply a camera operator recording your day and I don't make emotionless, cookie-cutter wedding videos.


My style is cinematic. Video is my passion, my art, and I believe that shows in the final product. You're going to feel the same epic energy that you felt on your big day when you click play. 

Generally, I'm a candid cinematographer, as I prefer to go with the flow of your day and capture shots naturally. You won't see any bulky equipment nor a huge team of people. I like to keep things low-key and I've actually been called a video ninja (lol check the reviews) because I'm super stealth and it's easy to forget I'm there. While unobtrusive, I'm still all about the details while capturing your big day and while editing the final product. I hold each and every wedding video to the highest standards and always go the extra mile to make your video look as seamless as a movie. 
                -Ben Pliss

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